Clyde Valley highlights commitment to housing and career development

Clyde Valley highlights commitment to housing and career development

Carron Garmory

Clyde Valley Housing Association (CVHA) chief executive Carron Garmory has endorsed Scottish Housing Day by emphasising the organisation’s commitment to housing and career development.

Underscoring CVHA’s unwavering support for both housing initiatives and career advancement within the housing sector Carron lauds the event as an opportunity to highlight their dedication to these critical aspects of development.

Clyde Valley Housing Association is committed to fostering housing as a rewarding career path. Ms Garmory emphasises the association’s dedication to nurturing talent and facilitating career growth, whether it be within the organisation or as a launchpad to other opportunities in the housing sector.

She said: “Within the housing sector, we offer a range of programs to support career development. We have apprenticeships, GEM graduates, graduate apprenticeships, and a history of individuals who began their journey in junior roles at Clyde Valley and have since thrived in their professional development. Our rigorous recruitment processes ensure that those who show promise are provided with opportunities to advance within the organisation.”

A noteworthy aspect of Clyde Valley’s approach is its commitment to attracting talent from diverse backgrounds, transcending traditional housing sector recruitment. The association has successfully onboarded individuals from various industries such as manufacturing and banking, harnessing their transferable skills to bring fresh perspectives to housing associations.

Ms Garmory added: “Welcoming candidates from outside the housing sector has enriched our organisation. These individuals bring innovative ideas and alternative approaches, invigorating our work and allowing us to address challenges from multiple angles. This diversity of thought is invaluable to our growth as a housing association.”

By actively seeking candidates from different fields, Clyde Valley Housing Association has cultivated a team of professionals with a wide range of talents and experiences. This diversity not only benefits the organisation but also contributes to its ability to make a meaningful difference in the lives of the communities it serves.

Candidates who join Clyde Valley Housing Association quickly discover the satisfaction of working for an organisation whose values align with their own.

Ms Garmory notes: “Our employees find fulfilment in contributing to an organisation that positively impacts people’s lives. It’s not just a job; it’s a mission, and that’s what makes our team so passionate and dedicated.”

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