Clydebank Housing Association announces 0.7% rent increase

Clydebank Housing Association has announced it will apply a rent increase of 0.7% across all tenant rents for the year 2021-22.

The Association made the announcement after an extensive consultation exercise with its tenants, sharing owners and tenants groups and an overview of its budget setting processes.

As part of the rent setting exercise, service charge levels were held at current levels, meaning no increased service costs for any tenants during 2021/22.

Tenants were individually consulted and offered a choice of 3 rent options: 0.7%, 1% and 1.7%.

The latter two options allowed for the inclusion of enhanced digital services and assistance in tackling fuel poverty issues respectively, whilst the first option allows the CHA to continue to offer management and maintenance services at current levels.

The consultation process included all tenants receiving a comprehensive information booklet of the rent setting process and the choices on offer, as well as communication through the ChitChat newsletter, email, social media and website.

Of those who responded, 76% chose option 1, with 13% choosing option 2 and 11% option 3.

The 0.7% increase will allow the Association to continue to deliver all management and maintenance of property services at current levels, as well as continuing to allow the Association to demonstrate not only affordable rents, but amongst the lowest rent charges in West Dunbartonshire.

Furthermore, the board of CHA Power Ltd, Clydebank Housing Association’s heating and power subsidiary, have decided to keep the weekly cost to customers at the 2020/21 rate. This is the fifth year that there has been no increase to the fixed monthly charge.

CHA Power Ltd is committed to providing heat and hot water to its customers at Radnor Park at the most competitive and affordable level possible.

Joe Farrell, Clydebank’s head of housing services, said: “We appreciate how difficult things are for everyone during these challenging times and we have worked hard to ensure that any increases have been kept as low as possible without impacting any of the services that we will continue to provide to all of our customers. We are proud that our average rents continue to be amongst the lowest in West Dunbartonshire.”

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