Cordale Housing Association holds AGM

Cordale Housing AssociationCordale Housing Association has held its first Annual General Meeting after having joined the Caledonia Housing Association Group in April of last year.

The meeting was very well attended with a great deal of interest shown in and lively debate on the work and progress of the Association over past year.

Margaret McCallion, chairperson of Cordale Housing Association, said: “It was great to see such a good turnout at our AGM and it was both pleasing and satisfying to be able to advise members on the successes we have achieved over the past year. These included ensuring the financial stability of our Association, significant improvements made to our governance arrangements, over £500,000 in improvement works carried out in our homes, strong service performance and customer satisfaction outcomes being achieved and the commencement of work to provide 80 new and refurbished affordable homes in Alexandria and Renton.

“Moving to a lower engagement status with the Scottish Housing Regulator this year was also a major achievement and reflects the improved confidence that they have in our performance and governance.”

Margaret added: “At the heart of working our relationship with Caledonia is an Intragroup Agreement that was considered in detail by our Management Committee prior to the partnership going ahead. This details how we will work together to maintain our operational independence whilst ensuring that we also meet our legal and regulatory requirements, have a clear strategy going forward within the Group and take steps to actively manage the partnership arrangements.

“A comprehensive review of these arrangements was carried out by the Management Committee earlier in the summer months and we were pleased to conclude that these had worked well for Cordale. They provided the platform for the improvements that we have made since joining the Caledonia Group, including delivery on the key local priorities that we set out at the start of the partnership. I am aware that there is interest locally in the partnership arrangements that we have in place with Caledonia and we will take steps given this to make a copy of the Intragroup Agreement available to all of our tenants through our website.”

Margaret also paid tribute to Cordale’s former chairperson Isabel Barr who sadly passed away in June after a short period of illness.

She said: “Isabel deserves enormous recognition for what she achieved at Cordale. She was passionate and driven to achieve good for her community. To have participated in the management committee for over 20 years is a remarkable achievement and provides an insight into what kind of person she was. In recent years her leadership was critical in helping Cordale get to a better place. Isabel was a special person who will be greatly missed.”



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