Dedicated Bield tenants arrange activities for all

Greenlawn CourtA Bield retirement housing development in North Lanarkshire has been lit up by an array of weekly and monthly events thanks to a dedicated group of tenants, including a husband and wife team, and a hard working volunteer.

Ranging from day trips, computing, craft & exercise classes to an annual holiday, tenants at Greenlawn Court, Wishaw have been working hard to include everyone and make sure there is never a dull moment.

Regular fish teas and bingo nights are accompanied by a string of entertainments while the developments gardening club has ensured that Greenlawn really lives up to its name for all tenants and visitors to enjoy.

Norma Murphy, manager at Greenlawn Court, said: “The effort that the Social Committee as well as the different classes and clubs put into everything is outstanding.

“Grace McCutcheon, our volunteer, has been a godsend too. The keep fit class she runs has been incredibly popular and kept everyone nice and active.

“It really encourages everyone to get involved, there’s no doubt they have a great impact on the atmosphere here.”

Looking to secure funding to help expand on the events, organisers of the craft club are hoping to set up a craft fair in the future to sell some of the items that they make during their classes such as painted silk and glass.

Ann Thacker, president of the social committee, said: “It’s a pleasure alongside others to be able to be able to put on such a big spread of activities for everyone to enjoy.”

One of the biggest tasks for the committee is organising the yearly holiday which this year will see tenants making the trip to the seaside town of Eastbourne on the southern English coast for a bit of extra sunshine.

Along with their fellow tenants Ann helps to fulfil Bield’s ‘Free to Be’ ethos, where all tenants are encouraged to live their own lives and make their own choices as far as possible.

Ann’s husband Jim, the committee secretary, said: “We know how everyone likes to keep active and organising these things does that in itself for us!

“Between the committee the garden, craft, computer classes and Grace’s keep fit class there’s a great range of things to do and we’re all very much looking forward to the trip to Eastbourne.”

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