Dundee Fairness Commission to assess impact of welfare reform

Jimmy Black
Jimmy Black

The impact of welfare reform on the people of Dundee is set to come under the spotlight at the next meeting of the city’s Fairness Commission.

To gather opinions and find out what people think the commission could do to help, a short survey has been launched on Dundee City Council’s website.

Jimmy Black, convener of the Dundee Fairness Commission, said: “Since the commission was launched we have been clear that we are not sitting in an ivory tower feeling as if we already know the problems people who are in poverty face and that we have all the answers.

“That’s why this survey and other ways we are interacting with the people of Dundee are vital in trying to reach workable and practical solutions to one of the most difficult issues facing the city.

“At the end of the month we’ll be discussing the impact of welfare reform on local people and focussing on areas such as the introduction of new benefits like Universal Credit and Personal Independence Payments; claimant commitments and sanctions; and supporting people to make their claims.

“But we want to know what people in Dundee think about it.”

All information will be treated confidentially although anyone happy to have their name used in the presentations to the commission can give it.

The survey is open until the end of the month.


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