Dundee letting agent admits embezzling £40,000

Dundee letting agent admits embezzling £40,000

A Dundee-based letting agent has been caught embezzling over £40,000 from her employer BS Properties Ltd.

Amber Milne, 42, who worked as a letting agent for the company managing a portfolio of 150 properties, allegedly pocketed sums in the tens of thousands on several occasions between October 2017 and June 2019.

Ms Milne’s financial misconduct came to light when the company’s founder, Brian Stewart, received a call from the firm’s bank alerting him to suspicious transactions in Benidorm. A subsequent check revealed the business account was overdrawn by £25,000.

Upon confrontation by her boss, Ms Milne admitted wrongdoing, initially downplaying the amount to approximately £15,000. However, further investigations unveiled that she had taken £14,179 in 2017, £13,000 in 2018, and £16,651 in 2019, The Courier reports.

Ms Milne assured her boss she would fix the situation upon her return from Benidorm, vowing to secure loans for repayment. Subsequently, she was arrested after a year-long financial probe, during which it was discovered that payments to her account were concealed under various titles linked to the business.

The court heard that Ms Milne has pleaded guilty to embezzling a total of £43,830. Sheriff Alastair Carmichael has deferred sentencing until next month, allowing for background reports to be prepared.

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