ELHA goes Through the Looking Glass with new annual report

Through the Looking Glass Cover ImageEast Lothian Housing Association (ELHA) has followed up last year’s first forays into Wonderland by going Through the Looking Glass with its new annual report.

With the majority of ELHA’s tenants (56%) now using their digital My Home accounts to access services, 28% of tenants now paper free and rent discounts of up to £20.00 a month now a reality, this year’s report follows on perfectly from last year’s Adventures in Wonderland report.

Everything is pretty much the same – it’s just different, that’s all. And for the first time ELHA meets talking unicorns, lions and Knights in Shining Armour, as well as a special cameo appearance by Alice Herself, if you can spot her!

But aside from all this nonsense, this year’s How We’re Doing report contains all the (genuine!) facts and figures about the year just past along with some very wise words from caterpillar chairman, and a fond farewell from Queen of Hearts, the convenor of the Tenant Involvement Group. One thing is for sure though – time has not stood still, and with ELHA’s rent discounts it has also shown the Mad Hatter’s assertion that “you can have more but you can’t have less” to be quite wrong.

To download this year’s report, visit elha.com or click here. Comments or questions can be emailed to wonderland@elha.com.

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