England: Salvation Army Housing Association rebrands with refreshed mission

England: Salvation Army Housing Association rebrands with refreshed mission

Salvation Army Housing Association (Saha) has changed its brand identity, corporate strategy and name to Salvation Army Homes and refreshed its mission to Safe Homes, Transforming Lives.

Together, the housing association said these changes underpin a commitment to providing homes for people who need shelter but also support to make positive changes to their lives and empower people to live independently.

The corporate strategy sets out how Salvation Army Homes goes beyond the provision of housing to offer residents tailored help. Services include financial assistance such as vouchers for furniture, debt relief support and providing help to build relationships with estranged families.

The new logo which was designed by StoryHouse, sits forward—representing both protection and safety for the house and highlighting the upward-pointing arrow to show the ambitious and positive strategy.

The new website has been designed to make it easier for residents to access information, resources and support services.

Salvation Army Homes chief executive Lynne Shea said: “Safe Homes, Transforming Lives is not just a tagline, it embodies our continued promise to create meaningful changes for our residents.

“We know that a safe and stable place to live is just the start of a journey for many people. There are lots of different ways we can make the journey to independent living easier such as helping people onto training courses or access debt counselling.

“Salvation Army Homes is the housing association for The Salvation Army and that means we can take advantage of a network of community support provided by their community churches and other partners. This additional support includes charity shop vouchers, access to food banks or pastoral care.”

“In the last year we welcomed 626 new residents into their new home with our services and independent living. We are proud to have pledged £20,000 for the resident support fund to help to transform lives.”

Commissioner Paul Main, territorial leader of The Salvation Army in the UK and Ireland, said: “Salvation Army Homes’ refreshed mission statement and strategy powerfully supports and reflects our own overarching vision statement ‘Fullness of life for all with Jesus’. There is no fixed or simple way to help people towards that full life, especially people who are homeless or struggling to live independently. However, by working together we can find creative ways to give people the opportunities they rightly deserve.”

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