Faifley tenants to vote on proposed Caledonia transfer

Faifley tenants to vote on proposed Caledonia transfer

The ballot of Faifley Housing Association tenants to vote on whether they support the transfer to Caledonia Housing Association has opened this week.

Set to close on February 7, the independent ballot allows tenants to easily cast their vote by post, online, phone, text message, or using the sealed ballot box in the Faifley Housing Association office. 

The ballot papers and information on how to vote were sent out to tenants on January 7 by independent election specialists, Civica Election Services. 

Caledonia has promised the following impressive benefits to Faifley tenants if the transfer goes ahead:

  • A rent freeze guarantee for tenants for the next five years.
  • £2.73 million investment in improving existing homes over the next five years.
  • £412,000 to be spend to improve the local external environment over the next five years
  • Keeping local service provision but with a host of new ways to access Caledonia services. 
  • A new Faifley Customer Review Group of local tenants to work with Caledonia and provide a strong voice on local service issues.
  • Strong governance, leadership and financial strength by becoming part of a well-managed housing association.

Over the month of November representatives from Faifley and Caledonia spoke to tenants on their doorsteps as part of a comprehensive formal consultation exercise. 80% of tenants gave feedback and 97% were in support of the proposed transfer and the benefits offered. The outcomes of the consultation were considered in detail by the Association’s Management Committee and the appointed independent tenant advisors TIS Scotland before deciding to move on to the ballot.

Catherine Low, Faifley’s interim director, said: “The transfer to Caledonia will ensure rents are more affordable whilst delivering long overdue investment in improvements to homes and the area. Caledonia is a great fit for us, and they understand the importance of delivering what our tenants have told us matter most to them. They have made a great offer which will benefit every Faifley tenant. The ballot will close on 7 February 2022, but we are urging our tenants to cast their vote as soon as they receive their ballot paper. The transfer can only proceed if tenants vote for it from 10 January.”

Julie Cosgrove, chief executive of Caledonia, said: “Caledonia is a forward-thinking housing association which, like Faifley, is committed to providing homes and services that make life better for our many tenants. From our very first conversations with the Faifley team, it became clear they would be an ideal partner for us.  By transferring into Caledonia, there will be more funds for improvements to tenants’ homes and the local area, to keep rents lower, improve services and meet the needs of local tenants and factoring service customers.”

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