Generation Rent to help build new consultation process for Dundee private renters

Tenant activist group Generation Rent has teamed up with Dundee City Council to launch a new programme of private renter engagement in the city.

With almost 17,500 privately rented homes in Dundee, it is hoped a new consultation process drawn up by the organisation can give private renters in the city a platform to be heard and to learn more about their rights.

The local authority said it wants to hear “the stories of all private renters” in one ward so it can “gain a better understanding of the challenges people have been facing”.

The first part of the exercise is an online survey, which will be open to all private renters in the Coldside ward until June 18, with forums and focus groups following later in the year.

“By launching this consultation, we want to give you, private renters, the opportunity to share your experiences and learn more about your rights as private renters. Your experience, good or bad, will be part of our programme of work to improve homes in your area,” the council added.

Tesco vouchers worth a total of £300 are offered as prizes for some participants.

Dundee City Council said it maintains “wide-ranging, comprehensive engagement with private landlords and letting agents across the city” through the Dundee Landlord Accreditation (DLA), DLA seminars, eNewsletters and the Private Landlord Support Officer.

“However, we see an opportunity to engage with tenants in the private sector to ensure that they too are aware of their rights and responsibilities to ensure everyone has a safe, secure and comfortable home and a positive relationship with their landlord,” the council said.

Elaine Zwirlein, executive director of neighbourhood services, said: “Dundee City Council has an established track record of working to maintain and improve standards in the private rented sector.

“We are very excited to be partnering with Generation Rent on this project, which we see as a great opportunity to encourage private renters to have their say and influence how we take forward our work in this area.”

Alicia Kennedy, director of Generation Rent, added: “We look forward to working on this new project with Dundee City Council. While many vulnerable private renters face several challenges relating to their homes and tenancies, so few know that Dundee City Council can support them. By giving private renters in Dundee a platform to be heard and to learn more about their rights, together we can have real impact.”

This project is part of a larger nationwide project that has been launched by Generation Rent with funding from the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust.

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