Glen Oaks embraces tenant scrutiny at 25th AGM

Excellent attendance at Glen Oaks Housing Association’s 25th AGM
Excellent attendance at Glen Oaks Housing Association’s 25th AGM

Tenant scrutiny was given the spotlight at Glen Oaks Housing Association’s 25th AGM. Eleanor Stewart, a member of the Association’s Service Improvement Group, gave an overview of the Group’s work so far and how their scrutiny activity over the last year has helped to improve the Association’s services.

Eleanor enthusiastically explained: “The members of the group believe that our recommendations for improving services are not only welcomed and taken on board, but that they will make a difference to other tenants in the future.”

The Association’s chairperson, Elaine McShane, thanked the Service Improvement Group on behalf of the Board and the staff at Glen Oaks, for all of their hard work over the last year and commended them for being so passionate about their scrutiny work for the Association.

Elaine emphasised to the attendees: “Glen Oaks has always encouraged tenants to influence our services, but the creation of the Service Improvement Group has really empowered our tenants. The Board is pleased to support them with their scrutiny activities and will use their recommendations to drive forward improvements to our service delivery.”

With the Association celebrating its 25th year, the AGM was a great opportunity to take stock of Glen Oaks’ achievements.

Alasdair McKee, chief executive, reported on the Association’s key highlights last year and over the last 25 years through a photo presentation.

Alasdair explained to the attendees: “It is thanks to the continued support of our tenants that we have achieved so much. The fact that some of you here tonight were part of the beginning of our journey 25 years ago is something to be very proud of.”

Alasdair reported that the Association’s achievements to date included completing 3 housing transfers, building and improving many homes and the provision of excellent customer services and wider role initiatives to benefit the Association’s communities.

The chairperson thanked two of the Association’s former Board members, John Duncan and Joseph Walls for their work for Glen Oaks during their time as Board members.

Following the formal proceedings of the AGM, there was very positive feedback on the work of the Association from shareholders and invited guests, making the 25th AGM a tremendous success.

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