Glen Oaks Housing Association receives thumbs up from tenants

glen oaks housingTenants of Glen Oaks Housing Association have praised the work it does in a recent survey.

In a snapshot of tenant opinion, the Association scored high marks across a number of areas on which people were asked their views.

The survey – carried out independently and with over 70 per cent of tenants responding – revealed a ringing endorsement from tenants on the issue of how Glen Oaks communicated with them.

It found that 95.2 per cent of tenants believed Glen Oaks was “good at keeping them informed” compared to 89.3 per cent which was the average for Scottish housing providers.

The opportunity to participate in decision-making was also given high marks with 89.8 per cent satisfied compared to the Scottish average of 79.6 per cent.

On repairs, the average time taken to complete non emergency repairs by the Association was just two hours compared to an average of 5.9 hours while non emergency repairs were completed in 2.6 days with the average being 7.9 days.

Glen Oaks also kept 93.2 per cent of repairs appointments – slightly above the average.

The percentage of tenants satisfied with Glen Oaks repairs service was 86.6 per cent and the Association said it was “working hard” to reach a 90 per cent satisfaction level.

The survey also found that 95% of tenants surveyed were of the opinion that their neighbourhood was a good place in which to live.

Commenting on the survey, Alasdair McKee, chief executive of Glen Oaks, said: “This survey provides an important snapshot of what our tenants are thinking. We are very pleased with the results across a number of areas especially on how we communicate with people and our attempts to involve them in decision-making.

“We are ahead of the Scottish average when it comes to how long it takes to complete emergency and non emergency repairs and are working hard to reach our target of 90 per cent repairs satisfaction.”


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