Govan Housing Association launches new financial inclusion team

Financial inclusion manager Marina McCall (left) with financial inclusion officers Michael Fraser and Pamela Bowie

A new team has been formed by Govan Housing Association which will be available to tenants and the wider community to address all matters relating to financial inclusion.

For an increasing number of people money is becoming very tight with their income not stretching far enough to meet their essential living costs. In recognition of this Govan Housing Association has launched its own financial inclusion team.

The enhanced service will provide assistance to tenants and the wider community in a variety of ways to try and mitigate the effects of welfare reforms, and the impending implementation of the Universal Credit system. The service is free, confidential and flexible, dealing with a wide range of support.

In recent weeks it emerged that one Govan Housing Association tenant was helped to obtain backdated Housing Benefit to assist with the RSL’s mounting rent arrears and low levels of income. Following considerable work from the financial inclusion team, the tenant received a Housing Benefit backdate award of £5815.26. This tenant now has cleared her arrears balance and has a steady flow of income from benefit entitlement we also assisted her with to support herself.

The case, which had been referred by Govan Housing Association’s Housing team, required several home visits provides just one example the work being done to offer financial advice and support producing fantastic results.

Marina McCall, financial inclusion manager, said: “This example proves that the vital work being done to offer financial help and assistance to our residents is producing great results. There is also an important tenancy sustainment and community resilience element to all of this – by offering a helping hand, we are doing our utmost to make sure people keep their tenancies and homes whilst receiving what they are entitled to. The growth and development of this team will help us keep on delivering for our tenants and the wider community.”

Fiona McTaggart, chief executive of Govan Housing Association, added: “We are proud of our financial inclusion service and the wider support we are now providing to local residents. It is remarkable how this vital work makes a resounding difference to people’s lives. This provides yet another example of the work housing associations and housing co-operatives do across the country to enhance and support people’s lives – so often unseen – but fundamental to making a difference.”

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