Green light for new homes in Dundonald

Planning permission has been granted to build new homes as part of a housing estate in Dundonald.

Green light for new homes in Dundonald

A proposal was submitted to build 63 affordable homes for Irvine Housing Association in a village field, which is the first phase of a 250 home property development.

The homes would be a mixture of terraces, semis and detached properties spanning one or two storeys in height.

Hope Homes and The Wee House Company have secured planning permission in principle for the social housing.

At a South Ayrshire Council regulatory planning meeting last month, councillors approved a raft of condition details relating to the application.

There have been five objections raising concerns about traffic, flooding and the impact on wildlife, among others, The Ayrshire Post reports.

A total of 187 private homes are to be constructed later on in addition to the affordable homes.

The social homes up for rent will include 16 one-bedroom flats, 19 two-bedroom houses and 10 two-bedroom amenity bungalows, 16 three-bedroom houses and two with four-bedrooms.

The Wee House Company Ltd plans to manufacture the homes at its Caponacre Industrial Park factory in Cumnock.

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