Hawthorn tenants get digitally connected

A total of 77 families in Possilpark have been digitally connected with equipment provided by Hawthorn Housing Co-operative.

Hawthorn tenants get digitally connected

Paul Dempster, tenant of Hawthorn Co-operative, receiving delivery of his PC provided by Remade Network

The Co-op has long recognised the importance of getting as many people in its community digitally connected to assist with studying, applying for jobs, keeping in touch with other people and getting the best deals.

Director Colin Turnbull said: “The Covid restrictions have made it all the more important to ensure that everyone in our community has access to the internet to participate fully as active citizens and, in particular, to ensure that our young people are able to learn at home effectively.”

The Co-op has worked with its partners to obtain funding and equipment from a range of sources. It obtained 20 reconditioned PCs from the Remade Network and in partnership with the Hawthorn Community Action Group it obtained funding from Glasgow Life and the Scottish Government to supply 57 Chromebooks to families in the area.

Emma Lynass, customer and financial services assistant with the Co-op, said: “The Co-operative wants to raise the opportunities and aspirations of young people living in our community. We knew that we had children who could not home learn effectively because they didn’t have the equipment. We have worked closely with the local primary schools to ensure that as many of our children as possible have the chance to learn from home effectively.”

Getting their tenants digitally connected has additional benefits for the Co-op.

Colin added: “Every family that received a PC or Chromebook gave us an e-mail address. This gives us a panel of tenants we can consult with on various issues as this has been difficult using traditional means. We will also invite them to participate remotely at future AGMs and will encourage them to participate in any community campaigns. Getting them digitally connected allows our community to get their voices heard effectively.”

The Co-operative has arranged for training and data packages to be provided to those families who need it.

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