Hillcrest launches brand new company

A merger of two of Hillcrest’s companies has paved the way for the launch of a brand new venture – Hillcrest Enterprises.

Northern Housing Company, which has offered mid-market affordable housing for many years, has merged with Hillcrest Enterprises Ltd, which managed the group’s commercial projects and businesses.

Hillcrest launches brand new company

Launched on April 1, Hillcrest Enterprises brings a new look, new ideas and new offerings in the private rent market. The new venture will also build on Northern Housing’s Company’s offering of mid-market rent properties, including recently completed homes in the rural setting of Blairgowrie.

Hillcrest Enterprises tenants will still enjoy the same complete maintenance and service that Northern Housing Company tenants enjoyed. However, the new company will be bolstered by an injection of private sector experience courtesy of Hillcrest Enterprises Limited.

However, creating homes will not be Hillcrest Enterprises’ only remit. The previous Hillcrest Enterprises Ltd owned a nursery based at Wharton Sqaure in Edinburgh, and now coming under the auspices of the newly launched Hillcrest Enterprises, the nursery has a bright future.

The nursery is currently undergoing a substantial refurbishment, which will also see a range of new equipment and learning aids added, before itself relaunching in a popular and easily accessible area of the city.

The launch of Hillcrest Enterprises also comes amidst the backdrop of a group-wide rebrand for Hillcrest, in order to freshen up the visual identity and streamline its various sub-companies for the future. The rebrand will see a host of updates and changes, which is set to be revealed publicly in the coming months.

Director of Hillcrest Enterprises, Stuart Dow, said: “The launch of Enterprises represents an exciting moment for Hillcrest, and the culmination of many months of planning and changing our governance structure which has been a recent priority for us.

“Bringing together Northern Housing Company with the commercial arm of Hillcrest made perfect sense. It has created a new company that has Northern’s mid-market rent at its core, but with the added commercial focus to take the new organisation into emerging markets and areas of growth.

“Now that Enterprises is in place, we have many exciting opportunities to progress in the near future so we can focus on bringing the business to life. It’s a very exciting time indeed not just for the new company, but for Hillcrest as a whole.”

The new Hillcrest Enterprises website is now live.

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