Holyrood social security committee to visit Dundee

Bob Doris MSP

Dundee is to be the focus of a visit by MSPs on the Scottish Parliament’s social security committee investigating the issue of in-work poverty and how the social security system impacts on those in-work but experiencing low income.

As part of this inquiry, the committee is also looking at recent trends in low wages and why more people are using foodbanks, particularly those that are in work.

The visit, which will take place today, will allow MSPs to hear directly from those who work to support people in Dundee through two local foodbanks. The Dundee Foodbank, which is managed by the Trussell Trust and Taught by Muhammad, will both welcome the dommittee to show them more about their work.

Convener of the committee, Bob Doris MSP said: “Getting the committee out of Holyrood and understanding more about what is happening in Dundee will be invaluable to our inquiry. We want to identify what more needs to be done to ensure our social security system is doing all it can to help make work pay.

“It is unacceptable that hardworking people are trying to do what they can to make a living, yet they find themselves in a position where they can’t provide the basic things they need to survive. This is why our committee wanted to look further into the issues around our social security system and how this is impacting people who are working but are in poverty.

“One of those signs that indicates people do not have enough to survive is the increasing use of foodbanks and we wanted to come and see the hard work that is happening in Dundee to help support those on low-incomes.”

The committee’s inquiry is also exploring how Universal Credit impacts upon in-work poverty so MSPs will also visit the Job Centre Plus to get an overview of how Universal Credit is working in practice and to hear from the teams who are responsible for delivering this to people in Dundee.

The visit will also include the headquarters of the new Social Security Agency in order for the committee to see progress in the delivery of new social security powers to Scotland.

Later on that day, MSPs will also take the opportunity to hear directly from those who have experienced or are experiencing in-work poverty when they hold an informal workshop at The Shore.

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