Improvements to Dundee council houses in the pipeline

Dundee stockCouncil tenants in Dundee, including residents at a sheltered housing complex, will see improvements to their homes if councillors accept a series of tenders next week.

More than £430,000 worth of work in Charleston, Lawton Road and at Corso Street sheltered lounge will improve roofs, stairs, boilers and lighting.

Vari McDonald, deputy convener of Dundee City Council’s neighbourhood services committee, said: “We have a massive programme of works to ensure that our tenants are living in houses that are fit for the 21st century and as warm, fuel efficient and comfortable as possible.

“These particular works will re-roof 18 houses in Charleston, install 40 replacement gas boilers in the Lawton area, renew and replace steps, landings railings and supporting walls at 31 locations and up-grade the sheltered lounge at Corso Street.”

The Corso Street sheltered lounge is in line for lighting upgrades, decoration and general upgrades.

Dundee City Council’s construction services division submitted the best tender for three of the four projects with Anderson Specialist Contracting in Forfar bidding for the concrete stair replacements.

If the tenders are approved work on all of the projects is expected to start in the next few weeks.

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