JR Group offers a warm welcome home to Link residents with gift box

The JR Group, which has worked alongside Link Group to deliver high quality social housing across Scotland for more than five years, has created an initiative that gives every new resident a welcome gift box in an effort to make moving day a little smoother.

JR Group offers a warm welcome home to Link residents with gift box

Claire Bryce and Gayle O’Hear from JR Group

Each JR Group Welcome Home gift box will include a selection of mugs, water bottles, dishcloths and biscuits – everything needed to help moving day feel a little less stressful.

JR Group will gift these boxes to all social housing partnerships it is working with moving forward.

The considerate team saw a disparity in this gesture between private housing and social housing and wanted to play their part in filling this gap and helping to make all residents feel special during one of life’s milestones.

A total of 140 welcome boxes will be delivered to new residents immediately and, with seven further projects in the pipeline, this number is expected to exceed more than 1,000.

JR Group offers a warm welcome home to Link residents with gift box

Claire Bryce, Stephen Robertson, Evan Horne and Gayle O’Hear

Gayle O’Hear, construction administration manager for The JR Group, has been instrumental in getting the initiative off the ground. She said: “This is a project that as a business, we were incredibly passionate about. It is important to recognise that every person moving into a new home feels special and we hope that our started pack goes a little way in doing just that.

“We believe that we are amongst the first to offer this sort of initiative within the social housing sector. It is a common feature when moving into a new home built by the mainstream private homebuilders, so I am thrilled each and every new social housing resident in one of our constructed homes will have that added little touch to give them a warm welcome home.”

Ms O’Hear added: “This is a small gesture, but we know it goes a long way in helping people feel welcome and settled into their new home. We were delighted to present these to the first recipients at East Academy Street in Wishaw and Law Place, in East Kilbride and we look forward to delivering many more in the coming months.”

Colin Culross, Link Group’s commercial director, said: “We are delighted to support this new initiative from our partners at The JR Group providing these welcome packs, which will go some way to help tenants in setting up their new home.”

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