Just A Minute with Jack Marshall at Trust Housing Association

Jack Marshall
Jack Marshall

Continuing our series of Just A Minute profiles of housing association finance directors, run in partnership with our sister publication Scottish Financial News, is Jack Marshall, director of business services, Trust Housing Association.

Why did you choose to work in the finance sector and how did you get started in the sector?

Finance wasn’t my first choice; I wanted to be an industrial chemist when I was at school but I took a temporary job in finance whilst waiting for an opportunity in industrial chemistry, found I liked the finance role and stuck with it. I started work for Barnsley MBC in the Revenues Division of the Borough Treasurer’s department.

Why Housing and how does it compare with other sectors?

I have worked in various areas of finance and enjoy housing finance as I feel that I am making a positive contribution in that housing is a basic human need. My role is rewarding, given the social contribution aspect and most of my career has been in areas of finance that have had a positive social impact which have also been rewarding in their own way.

The best advice you received?

To study and gain my accounting qualifications.

What has been your best professional experience?

I have had a number of positive experiences and it’s difficult to single out something specific. I have gained most satisfaction where I’ve felt that my input has made a significant contribution to the organisation. I have had a few successes in previous roles accessing government and European grant funding which did give me a buzz! At Trust I’ve enjoyed working with my colleagues in seeing Trust grow and prosper and gain external recognition through Investors in People Gold and Leaders in Diversity accreditations.

And your worst?

Earlier in my career, misreading a character on proof reading a document and then having to get my colleagues to help to manually alter 40,000 documents!

What advice would you give to anyone considering a career in finance?

Go for it – it can be challenging but it can also be very rewarding. Not all accountants are boring!

What do you like most about your job?

The people I work with.

And least?

Unnecessary bureaucracy.

Do you read a daily newspaper?


Which social media sites do you use?

Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter

Hobbies and interests:

Travel, Reading, DIY, Gardening, Cycling, Cooking

Favourite holiday destination:

I don’t have a favourite, I enjoy travel and want to explore even more of the world than I have so far.

Dream job outwith your career in finance:

Travel writer.

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