Key milestones reached in Govanhill enhanced enforcement area initiative

A project to buy and repair substandard properties throughout Govanhill has resulted in the acquisition of more than 360 properties, Glasgow City Council has revealed.

Key milestones reached in Govanhill enhanced enforcement area initiative

The scheme, which began in 2015 with funding from the Scottish Government and Glasgow City Council, has also seen 33 private landlords have their registrations refused or revoked.

Govanhill Housing Association (GHHA) and Southside Housing Association are both factoring a significant number of properties that were previously unfactored.

So far GHHA has acquired 364 properties, including four compulsory purchase orders carried out at long standing problem flats at 97 Westmoreland Street, the Glasgow Times reports.

Two further compulsory purchase orders have been approved by a council committee and are currently being worked on.

Major common repair contracts are underway at nine closes with the support of voluntary grant funding and statutory action.

Eight of the closes are factored by GHHA while Southside HA is the agent for the other one and will take on factoring once the repairs are complete.

Offers of grants have been made to owners in the other tenements, factored by Southside HA, with site starts this year.

Glasgow City Council is currently liaising with GHHA with regard to common repairs in another three.

The scheme, which was set up in direct response to specific issues in Govanhill, is now being rolled out to other areas of Glasgow with similar problems.

Annie Macfarlane, local resident and chairwoman of Govanhill Housing Association, told the Glasgow Times: “As someone who lives in the enhanced enforcement area, I can see for myself how the neighbourhood has improved over the duration of the project.

“As an Association we look forward to the project being completed, and providing high quality homes in the area for years to come.”

Councillor Mhairi Hunter added: “I’m delighted to see this progress despite the inevitable impact of the pandemic.

“In addition to the number of flats being taken into social ownership and brought up to a good standard I’m pleased to see such an increase in the number of closes being factored.

“And I’m pleased to see firm action being taken against rogue landlords.

“This has been a great partnership between the council, Scottish Government and Govanhill Housing Association and its a model that is being rolled out in other parts of the city with similar issues.”

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