Lewis residents urged to conserve water

Residents of Lewis have been urged to conserve their water supply due to the recent dry weather.

Despite the recent rainfall, Scottish Water has asked locals to use the supply sensibly in order to enable loch levels to recover.

Peter Farrer, Scottish Water’s chief operating officer, said: “We are grateful to customers in Lewis who have responded to our request for them to use water wisely in recent weeks. By doing simple things like using a watering can in the garden instead of a hose, and only using dishwashers and washing machines when fully loaded, a significant difference can be made.

“Despite some recent rainfall, we are taking further steps to supplement water supplies. We need customers to continue to help us in order to ensure these measures are successful and to reduce their impact on the environment. When there is rainfall, this will also help loch levels to recover faster in order to improve the resilience of supplies for the rest of the summer.”

Scottish Water is currently in consultation with SEPA to supplement and sustain supplies at Stornoway, Tolsta and Carloway.

In Stornoway, additional water is being pumped from Loch Scarabhat Mhor to supplement the normal supply from Loch Mor an Stairr. On the west side of Lewis, the supply from Loch Fasgro is being supplemented from Loch Cliasam Creag. Other potential water sources are also being investigated in the event of limited further rainfall over the weeks ahead.

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