Scottish Water green schemes generate power for 11,200 homes

Scottish WaterNew figures have revealed Scottish Water’s green schemes generated enough power for 11,200 homes last year.

With 37GWh of electricity generated, carbon emissions were down 3.5 per cent compared to the previous year, and 16 per cent overall since 2006/07.

The data, unveiled in its 2016 Sustainability Report, comes as Scottish Water secured £9 million to boost 24 existing solar sites. The water utility company already has 25 sites with hydro turbines, as well as 18 wind-powered sites.

The schemes form part of a £3.5 billion six-year investment plan to improve drinking water quality, enhance the environment and support the economy.

Chris Toop, general manager for Scottish Water’s energy programme, said: “These investments help to reduce the long-term cost of providing vital water and wastewater services to customers.

“The benefit from our whole energy programme now exceeds £6m annually and we have ambition to do more.”

Andrew MacDonald, head of Scottish Water Horizons, added: “We continue to harness the vast natural and renewable energy resources that Scotland has.

“As a Hydro Nation we are driven to extract sustainable benefits from every phase of the water cycle using both proven and innovative technologies.”

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