Linstone Housing Association announces further roll-out of car club

Linstone Housing Association has announced a further roll-out of its popular car club in Renfrewshire.

Linstone Housing Association announces further roll-out of car club

The launch of the third location for Linstone’s car club at Blackwood Avenue in Linwood

A third, new location in Linwood has been launched allowing even more people to become car club members and free themselves from the cost of motoring.

Linstone Housing - which runs the initiative - already has two places where people can hire a car at Belmar Court, Linwood and at Arran Drive in Sandyflats, Johnstone.

Now the new location has been launched at Blackwood Avenue next to Linwood Parish Church.

The Sandyflats and Blackwood Avenue cars are electric vehicles while the Belmar Court one is a hybrid car.

The expansion of the car club has come about after Linstone won £96,000 from Transport Scotland’s ‘Plugged-In Households Grant Fund’ designed to help housing associations and community groups offer a local car club.

Linstone said it was proud to be doing its bit with the car club to address climate change and help more local people free themselves from the costs of owning a vehicle with the option to hire one, by the hour, just when it’s needed.

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