Livingston development given new lease of life by Bield

A retirement housing development in Livingston has undergone a major revamp to improve and modernise the main entrance and foyer area, and reconfigure many of the flats to allow much improved standards of living.

Bield’s Restondene development, in the Deans area of the town, has seen eight of its 26 apartments converted from bedsits into more modern one-bedroom flats with open-plan living and kitchen arrangements.

The front entrance and foyer area have also been updated to provide a more modern and welcoming approach.

With works recently completed by Holytown-based Rodgers and Johnston Ltd, the project has received positive feedback from existing tenants commenting on the high quality finishes and enhanced foyer area.

Shirley Taylor, retirement housing manager at Restondene, said: “Work started on Restondene back in November and since then eight flats have been transformed from bedsits to one bedroom flats, complete with hallway storage and bright, white woodwork.

“Downstairs the foyer has been painted to give the area a bright new look that is modern and welcoming for tenants and guests.

“Outside of the building has also benefitted from new render and a bin area and canopy. As an old building built in the 70s, it really has made a difference.

“The tenants are extremely impressed with the results – one lady has even moved downstairs to be in one of the renovated flats.

“We have a new couple moving in next week so we are excited to see what they think of the new bright and light feel.

“The transformation really has freshened up what had become a tired development. The renovation was a much-needed investment for Restondene.”

Originally built in 1977, Bield took ownership of Restondene in 1996 through a stock transfer. Today, the development offers safe and secure homes designed especially for those aged 50 and over.

The £119,000 investment is part of Bield’s Asset Management Strategy which will make improvements to its existing stock across Scotland to ensure older developments are accessible and continue to meet the needs and aspirations of existing and future customers.

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