Milestone reached in Govanhill property acquisition scheme

An initiative to take over and upgrade homes in Govanhill then make them available for social rent is on track for its completion in 2021.

Of 700 targeted properties in the Property Acquisition & Repair scheme, around half have been inspected and 246 properties have been brought into Govanhill Housing Association control.

The latest housing improvements figures were revealed by Glasgow City Council at a Govanhill Regeneration Group meeting.

The Evening Times reports that a council official stated that six more closing orders have been served on below standard flats since the end of a pilot project in 2017 with eight referrals to the Housing and Property Chamber.

Thirty landlords have had their registration revoked/refused as a result of the scheme with 53 landlords now registered in total. There are two statutory repair schemes currently on site at 299 Allison Street and 231 Langside Road, the official added.

A pilot project from 2015 to 2017 was carried out with £5 million funding from Glasgow City Council and £4.3m from the Scottish Government to enable Govanhill Housing Association to acquire and repair more than 80 properties within four target tenement blocks.

Since the continuation of the scheme, the majority of properties are now passing their first inspection.

The council officer said: “Things are definitely moving forward.”

Govanhill Housing Association’s development & regeneration services manager, Ken MacDougall, also presented figures to the meeting.

He said scaffolding is now up on Annette Street for major repairs while common repairs are to be carried out at 8, 10, 20 and 22 Annette Street.

So far 112 properties have been taken over for social rent with a further 119 in the pipeline to achieve site start before the end of this financial year

Tenders have been returned for 19 Garturk Street with work due to start in January 2019 subject to a final acquisition.

A total of 49 closes have now been taken into Govanhill Housing Association factoring control in the overall South West Govanhill area

Mr McDougall said: “Our priority is reducing levels of private rented and increasing the levels of social rented housing.

“At the end of the day, it’s about better management and we’re working with Glasgow City Council and the Scottish Government to achieve that.”

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