Models of care and support on agenda at Social Housing Resilience Group meeting

The Social Housing Resilience Group (SHRG) met this week to discuss care and support and a data collection report from the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations (SFHA).

Models of care and support on agenda at Social Housing Resilience Group meeting

The SHRG offered its backing to a paper on models of care and support, which sets out existing successful community models of care and support, key learning from the pandemic, and opportunities to create new models of housing, care and support for the future.

Now being finalised based on feedback from SHRG members, the paper is intended to inform the national social renewal programme, the review of adult social care in Scotland, and Housing to 2040.

The SFHA also presented its report which provides an analysis of the data collected in its own data return alongside the COVID-19 related data published by the Scottish Housing Regulator and HouseMark. The group welcomed the approach taken to utilise all available data to build a picture over the longer-term and track trends.  

Further discussion took place on evictions and the Scottish Government’s proposal to prolong the extended notice periods set down in the Coronavirus (Scotland) Act 2020 for a further six months. The group sought clarity from government about the process of extending the provisions and whether any extension of the Coronavirus (Scotland) Act would have to include all provisions without alteration, and set out the key issues for tenants and landlords.

The Scottish Government is to provide SHRG members with an update on the process and timescales with discussions ongoing between stakeholders on the issue.

With the SHRG now convening once per fortnight, the next meeting is due to take place on August 25. 

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