Net zero housing project completed in Kilmarnock

Net zero housing project completed in Kilmarnock

Councillor McMahon, Ms McCluskey, Councillor Reid and Councillor Adams.

East Ayrshire Council’s first net zero housing development at Bellevue Gardens in Bonnyton, Kilmarnock has been completed and visitors from the council were welcomed by Ms Frances McCluskey to view her beautiful new home.

The homes, which were built by the council’s strategic developer CCG (Scotland) Ltd, include eight 2-bed cottage flats, six 2-bed homes, one 3-bed wheelchair accessible bungalow, two 3-bed homes and one 4-bed home that have been designed for general and community care needs.

Councillor Douglas Reid, leader of the council, joined Councillor Jim McMahon, cabinet spokesperson for housing, local member Councillor James Adams and Blair Millar, head of housing and communities to view the new homes.

The net zero homes, designed in partnership with CCG and MAST architects, embrace new technology and are the future of house building in Scotland. Net zero will be achieved through a combination of enhanced building fabric like thicker insulation and triple-glazed windows that will reduce heat loss. The homes are fitted with air source heat pumps and an advanced ventilation system to promote clear air flow.

Councillor Reid presented flowers to Ms McCluskey as a housewarming gift. He said: “I was delighted to visit Ms McCluskey and view her new net zero home.

“Net zero means that carbon emissions associated with regulated operational energy will be equal to zero. As part of our Climate Change Strategy, we have committed to moving away from installing gas-heating systems and these are the first homes we have built with air source heat pumps installed. All the homes have solar panels installed on their roofs and are insulated to the highest standard.

“These homes are life-changing for local residents. They look great and really suit the local area but more importantly they have been designed to meet net zero regulations, helping to lower fuel bills and also are specially designed to meet community care needs of local people. I am very proud of this development and our commitment to our communities and the environment.”

Ms McCluskey added: “I love my new home. I used to drive by when they were being built to keep an eye on the progress and sometimes I still wake up and wonder if it really is mine. My son and I moved from a flat so to have our own garden has been fantastic too.

“Since we moved in the weather has been really warm but I know that the net zero design is going to make a huge difference to our bills this winter.”

CCG director, Calum Murray, commented: “The ‘CCG Net Zero Home’ building standard is a housing solution that combines enhanced methods of construction and renewable technologies to achieve net zero emissions derived from regulated energy use. Capable of being applied to developments of any form and scale, we launched the standard at the height of the pandemic after a two-year period of pioneering research and analysis so to now see homes being realised and lived in here in Kilmarnock is a proud milestone for our business.

“The work undertaken to reach this point is a testament to CCG’s commitment to the housebuilding sector and addressing the climate agenda. The efforts of project partners such as Mast Architects and Carbon Futures who helped design the Net Zero Home have been crucial to this process and East Ayrshire Council must also be applauded for taking the necessary steps forward to trust us and invest in these homes of the future during an unprecedented period for our economy.

“The legacy of Bellevue Road will be felt in communities across the local authority for many years to come and we look forward to continuing our partnership with East Ayrshire Council on a further two net zero developments over the next 12 months.”

The project is being developed with £1.288m of grant funding from the Scottish Government and will contribute to their target of delivering 110,000 affordable homes by 2032.

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