New Gorbals Housing Association to launch new online sharing platform

New Gorbals Housing Association to launch new online sharing platform

New Gorbals Housing Association has announced the launch of a new local sharing platform which aims to bring the community closer together.

Go Get Gorbals is a new online sharing platform that aims to help local people work together with public sector organisations and voluntary groups for the benefit of their community.

The free tool has been developed in partnership with those who live and work in the Gorbals area, in order to create something that is tailored to their needs. Those who use the website will be able to easily find out what is available in the area and how they can get more involved, such as listings for spaces, skills and equipment alongside those for events and groups.

The tool aims to help local people to turn their ideas into projects, giving individuals the ability to source the people, places and things they need to get started.

Host organisations are in place to help those with limited or no internet access to use this platform, so that the opportunities offered are available to everyone who lives in the Gorbals.

As well as encouraging the community to be more connected, the platform also benefits users by helping them to save money. Sharing or giving items on the site means that fewer items will have to be bought new, or the same item bought several times when one could be shared. This also helps to reduce waste through recycling rather than sending items to landfill. Users can track their savings in both money and carbon emissions through the site.

This project is one of many initiatives locally to help community members connect with each other, as well as local groups and services, to determine what they want and need to see in their area. This work stems from the Gorbals identifying as one of nine ‘Thriving Place’ areas in Glasgow identified by the Community Planning Partnership.

Go Get Gorbals will be officially launched on Thursday 29th June at an event in Gorbals Library. Locals are invited to come along between 6–8pm to hear from various Gorbals based projects about different ways they plan to make use of the site.

Linda Malone, chairperson of New Gorbals Housing Association, said: “The Go Get Gorbals sharing platform is a big step towards better supporting community members to build networks that encourage and promote local ideas and projects. It will be a fantastic resource for finding out what is already available and happening in the Gorbals, as well as bringing local folk together to develop new projects and initiatives. We hope that local people and organisations will be able to get the best out of the site, whatever their needs may be.”

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