North Lanarkshire Council raises £29m in extra benefits for residents

Money stock imageResidents in North Lanarkshire have benefited from more than £29 million additional benefits generated by the local authority’s Financial Inclusion Team.

The team offer full benefit checks to residents, making sure they receive all the benefits they are entitled to and maximising their income.

They also provide advice and help with completing benefit applications and represent residents at appeals tribunals.

As a result of the work of the team, which includes staff from Health and Social Care North Lanarkshire, has generated £29,015,130 in 2016/17.

In addition, MacMillan Lanarkshire Advice Service, managed by the Financial Inclusion Team, generated £4,264,125 for people and families affected by cancer.

“The benefits system is very complex so completing the right forms with the appropriate information can be daunting for many people,” said Councillor Michael McPake, convener of the infrastructure committee.

“Our staff know the system inside out and are able to help residents apply for the benefits that meet their needs and circumstances.

“By maximising people’s income, we are helping to reduce poverty in our communities, boosting the local economy and improve the quality of lives of local people. For every £1 we invested in delivering this service, we have generated £25.91 for our residents.”

The Financial Inclusion Team’s appeals team have a success rate of 66.5% at Social Security Appeals Tribunals, compared to the UK national average of 46%.

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