‘Pillowslip Shop’ helps Bield tenants sleep easy

A Bield housing development in Port Glasgow has opened a novel ‘pillowslip’ shop to help older people keep stocked with vital supplies during Scotland’s lockdown response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

'Pillowslip Shop' helps Bield tenants sleep easy

Staff and volunteers at Crosshill Gardens have started the shop within the development which aims to ensure tenants can still access basic groceries and household items as they follow guidelines to stay at home.

Michelle McKinnon, development manager at Crosshill Gardens, said: “Crosshill Gardens has always received great support from volunteers and community wardens Mark and Neil, and even during this uncertain time it’s amazing they are continuing to give the same generous support.

“As a development we were looking at ways to our support tenants and decided it would be a positive help to introduce a ‘Pillowslip Shop’ to help those who may be worrying about getting the required shopping essentials during the COVID-19 outbreak.

“Our team is supporting tenants to get their basic shopping items by asking those who need anything to leave a pillowcase outside their flat and a volunteer will collect it, wash it and return with a tick list of any basic day to day grocery items.

“Once the tenant has had a chance to look at what they need and tick off each item, the volunteers and wardens will source what the tenant needs and bring them to the development. We will be wiping the items down before placing them inside the pillowcase outside the individual’s flat door.

“We want to give additional support during outbreak and although a number of our tenants may not require this service due to the support already received, it is a way to take the pressure of tenant’s families and support providers, while also minimising the number of visitors coming into the development.

“As a development, we would like to give our local Co-op manager, Michael Grant and staff a huge thank you as they have been greatly supportive in prioritising older people in the community.

“We are pulling together as a community to help keep Crosshill Gardens a safe and happy place during these trying times.”

Tenants can order a wide range of grocery items from milk to bread to biscuits. An extra effort will also be made to source specially requested items, if it is possible to source them.

Lynne Douglas, chief executive at Bield, said: “As an organisation, we are looking to do anything we can to help our customers during this tough time, while following government guidelines.

“It is lovely to hear our developments pulling together as a community to help each other – introducing an in-house shop is a small way our amazing staff and volunteers are looking to make this time that little bit easier.

“We appreciate the continued understanding and support of customers, families and staff as we work together to positively contribute to Scotland’s response to coronavirus.”

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