Regulator reflects on past year and what’s next for social housing and its regulation

Regulator reflects on past year and what’s next for social housing and its regulation

Micahel Cameron

The Scottish Housing Regulator (SHR) has reflected upon the past year and discussed what is next for the future of Scottish social housing and its regulation.

Micahel Cameron, the Regulator’s chief executive, spoke yesterday to the chairs of Registered Social Landlords at SHARE’s annual conference online.

Reflecting on how the sector has tackled the challenges of COVID-19 over the past year, Michael said: “Social landlords in Scotland were amongst the first on to the frontline in local communities, supporting their tenants and residents through the challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting public health response.

“We recognised the unprecedented circumstances that social landlords were facing as a consequence of the pandemic, and that they were working hard to manage and mitigate the impact on their operations and to safeguard their tenants and local communities.”

Looking to the future, Michael spoke of the demands and challenges landlords may face. He added: “Testing, building and protecting the resilience of our people, our organisations and our communities is likely to become central to what we all do.

“Much of the social housing sector, and many of your organisations, were born out of the necessity for people and communities to take action themselves to drive change and build a better future. So, there’s a track record there. And this does feel like a moment when that type of leadership will be much needed.

“And it strikes me that, now more than ever, it will be so important to have a meaningful dialogue with your tenants, residents and communities around what’s important to them and what they want and need from their landlord.”

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