Remaining families move into £50m Glasgow regeneration project

Resident David Murray with Bailie Liz Cameron during her visit to his home on the Anderston development, Glasgow
Resident David Murray with Bailie Liz Cameron during her visit to his home on the Anderston development, Glasgow

Hundreds of Glasgow families now reside in new homes after a regeneration project reached a major milestone.

The completion of phase three of Sanctuary Scotland’s £50 million transformation of Anderston allowed the final residents to move into the award-winning development and vacate damp and draughty blocks built in the 1960s.

Sanctuary’s regeneration has created a total of 334 affordable flats, maisonettes and town houses since 2011.

Sanctuary tenant David Murray shares his phase three home with wife Margaret and German shepherd, Floyd. David, who has lived in Anderston all his life, moved into phase three from a flat in St Vincent Street.

David, 61, said: “When we first moved into our new flat it felt like being on holiday. It is 100 per cent better than our old building, which was tired, draughty and terrible for losing heat.

“The reduction in heating costs is one of many reasons why our life has been improved by the move. Anderston’s housing has certainly changed for the better.”

The first 104 homes in Anderston’s regeneration were handed over in 2011. Phase 2’s 72 homes were with residents in early 2013. The last of phase 3’s 158 properties were handed over last month.

Gordon Laurie, director – Sanctuary in Scotland, said: “The completion of phase 3 is a significant milestone in the improvement of central Glasgow’s social housing.

“The regeneration project’s 334 homes will provide high quality housing to Anderston residents for generations to come.

“Sanctuary’s partnership with Glasgow City Council has helped create hundreds of affordable homes which our tenants are rightly proud of.

“This relationship will continue as we progress phases 4 and 5 of the regeneration.”

Phase four will create another 86 homes off St Vincent Street, all for social rent. The existing blocks will be demolished and the site cleared of rubble before a site start in January 2016.

Bailie Liz Cameron, executive member for development and regeneration at Glasgow City Council, said: “This is a landmark day in the regeneration of Anderston, with so many people’s lives changed for the better through this investment in their homes.

“I look forward to the next stages of this project continuing the area’s transformation.”



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