Rural areas ‘suffer most’ from energy affordability crisis

One Big SwitchA survey of consumers who have joined the Big Energy Switch has revealed that rural regions are being hit hardest by the energy affordability crisis in Scotland.

The survey data, collected from the 13,000+ consumers who have joined the campaign paints a grim picture of energy affordability in rural council areas.

Some key findings of the data include:

  • Consumers in Argyll and Bute are paying the highest average annual electricity bills at £1,327p.a followed by East Dunbartonshire and Highland.
  • This compares with a national average annual electricity bill of £1,161 for consumers who have joined the campaign.
  • Households in Edinburgh are paying the least with an average of £1,065p.a.
  • Network charges are higher for consumers in the northern electricity distribution region of Scotland, however many regions paying above the national average still fall into the Southern distribution region, including much of East Dunbartonshire.

    Responding to the findings, Michael Stewart, the campaign director of One Big Switch, said: “What the data clearly shows is that rural areas in Scotland have the highest bills in the country and are no doubt feeling the effects of the massive cost.

    “The fact these regions are on paying more for their electricity than their metropolitan counterparts is concerning and highlights the need for all Scots to band together and do their part to help fight the rising cost of energy together.

    “If people want relief from the rising cost of energy, regardless of which region they’re from I’d encourage them to join the Big Energy Switch to campaign together to bring group discounted energy to Scotland.”


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