Scottish Association of Landlords welcome bans for rogue Glasgow landlords

John Blackwood
John Blackwood

Action to ban nine private landlords from renting properties in Glasgow has been welcomed by the Scottish Association of Landlords.

The dedicated organisation that represents landlords and letting agents throughout Scotland said that it is “imperative” that the laws and regulations are known and “rigorously enforced” when broken.

Glasgow City Council’s licensing and regulatory committee found that nine private landlords, six of whom owned flats in the Govanhill area, were unfit to rent out property after all landlords failed to meet legal obligations and one was also convicted of assault with intent to rape.

The ruling means they could face criminal prosecution and fines of up to £50,000 if they attempt to let their property.

John Blackwood, chief executive of Scottish Association of Landlords, said: “We are delighted that Glasgow City has used its powers to ban nine landlords from renting out property after finding them unfit. It is imperative that tenants and landlords are aware of the laws and regulations which exist around the Private Rented Sector (PRS) and that they are rigorously enforced by local authorities or the police when broken.

“SAL wants to improve education of landlords and tenants about exactly what their rights and responsibilities are and work with the authorities to ensure criminal landlords cannot rent out properties. If we can achieve that, we will see a more effective PRS in Scotland which protects tenants and continues to provide the high-quality rented housing which is needed across Scotland.”

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