Shelter Scotland launches ‘small acts of kindness campaign’ to appeal to time-pressed potential volunteers

Shelter Scotland volunteers Jean Mcclusky, Alison Noble and Carol Cullen

Shelter Scotland is appealing to time-pressed people by offering them opportunities to make a difference which require less than an hour of their time.

The housing and homelessness charity is launching its ‘Little Act, Big Impact’ campaign during Volunteers Week to make people aware of the many opportunities available and that they don’t always mean hours and hours of time commitment.

The campaign has been designed to fit with Shelter Scotland’s 50th anniversary year – during which it is holding various events and activities - by asking volunteers for just 50 minutes of their time. They will be using the #LittleActBigImpact on social media during Volunteers Week.

The charity is responding to research in the latest Scottish Household Survey which indicated that ‘lack of time’ was one of the main barriers stopping many people from volunteering.

Sarah Latto, volunteer development manager at Shelter Scotland, said: “At Shelter Scotland we strive to be as inclusive as possible but we also recognise not everybody is able to commit to regular volunteering roles. Little Act, Big Impact provides a way for people to make a real difference to people affected by bad housing or homelessness whist contributing less than an hour of their time.

“I urge anyone who is time-pressed but would like to get involved to visit our webpage.”

Little Act, Big Impact provides a range of ideas for people to give a little bit of time – 50 mins for Shelter Scotland’s 50th year – to do something which will have a meaningful impact:

  • Launched on 1st June to mark the start of Volunteers’ Week in our 50th year – the theme for Volunteers’ Week this year is ‘Volunteering for All’
  • Lack of time is the biggest barrier to volunteering. In the most recent Scottish Household Survey results, lack of time was cited as the main reason for people giving up regular volunteering. In the same survey, when asked what might encourage people to undertake work or activities on a voluntary basis again in the future, the most common response was ‘if it fitted in with my other commitments’
  • Ideas are available for individuals, school groups, colleges and workplaces on our website (link TBC).
  • Ideas include:
    • Sign up as a Shelter Scotland supporter to be kept up to date with ways to support our work
    • Read up on your housing rights on our website and share this information with people you speak to who are affected by bad housing or homelessness
    • Save our helpline number in your phone, or print off our ‘Housing Help’ cards, to share with people you meet who are in urgent need of housing advice
    • Have a clear out of your wardrobe and donate a bag of clothing or household goods to your local shop
    • Follow us on social media, share our posts and raise awareness of the current housing crisis with your friends and contacts.
    • If you choose to do a ‘Little Act’, share this on social media using #LittleActBigImpact to encourage others to participate.
    • These are ideas only and it is an individual’s responsibility to act within the law, stick to what they are comfortable with and ensure that they protect the safety of themselves and others.
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