Shelter Scotland

Court of Session clarifies the law on fresh homeless applications

In a petition for judicial review of the City of Edinburgh Council’s decision to refuse a fresh homeless application, the Court of Session has held that the council acted unlawfully.

Published 23 February 2021

Gordon MacRae: Do we risk diluting the rights of homeless people?

Shelter Scotland's assistant director for communication & advocacy, Gordon MacRae, said last week's report from the Homelessness Prevention Review Group will not necessarily safeguard and enhance existing homelessness rights and protections.

Published 22 February 2021

Shelter Scotland condemns Scottish Government over failure to protect the homeless

Shelter Scotland has condemned the Scottish Government for its decision to break a promise to homeless people to end the continued use of harmful and substandard temporary accommodation.

Published 16 February 2021

Scottish Budget: Funding outlined for homes and regeneration but affordable housing cut condemned

Funding announced by the Scottish Government falls short of delivering the required number of affordable homes needed in Scotland and won't effectively tackle fuel poverty, housing charities have warned following yesterday's Scottish Budget.

Published 29 January 2021

More than a thousand Shelter Scotland campaigners issue Budget request for social housebuilding

More than a thousand people have added their names to a letter to cabinet secretary for finance, Kate Forbes, calling on her to prioritise social housebuilding in today’s Budget statement.

Published 28 January 2021

Alliance calls for affordable housebuilding to be 'cornerstone' of Scotland’s Covid recovery

An alliance of more than 25 advocacy, support and housing organisations have today written to cabinet secretary for finance Kate Forbes, asking her to make social and affordable homes “the cornerstone of Scotland’s recovery” in this week’s Budget.

Published 26 January 2021

High housing costs a concern for one in four people in 2021, Shelter Scotland finds

A quarter of renters and mortgage holders are worried about not being able to pay their housing costs in 2021, according to new research published today by Shelter Scotland.

Published 19 January 2021

Scottish Government has 'backtracked' on homeless protections

Shelter Scotland has criticised the Scottish Government’s decision to "backtrack on its promise" to homeless people to end the continued use of temporary accommodation during lockdown.

Published 14 January 2021

Eviction ban extended until end of March

The Scottish Government has announced that its temporary ban on eviction orders will be extended until the end of March. 

Published 8 January 2021

Aberdeen refreshes support for campaign for right to a decent home

Aberdeen City Council has refreshed its support for Shelter Scotland’s campaign to have the right to a decent home enshrined in Scottish law.

Published 5 January 2021

Christmas eviction ban introduced for private tenants

Enforcement of evictions from rented properties will be halted in Scotland for a six week period until mid-January, the Scottish Government has announced.

Published 4 December 2020

Charities outline plan to end homelessness within two parliaments

Thirty organisations in Scotland that care about homelessness, including charities, leading academics and people with lived experience, are today calling on political parties, MSPs and candidates in next year’s Scottish Parliament elections to get behind a ten-year plan to end homelessness.

Published 1 December 2020

More social housing needed to help survivors of domestic abuse, says Shelter Scotland

Shelter Scotland is calling for more social housing to be created in Scotland amid persistent concerns that the lack of it stops people leaving an abusive partner.

Published 26 November 2020

Rise in private sector rents spark call for more social housing

An increase of rents in Scotland's private sector despite the pandemic is evidence that the country’s housing system is broken and that more social housing is needed, according to Shelter Scotland.

Published 25 November 2020

CIH Scotland, Shelter Scotland and SFHA make joint call for funding increase to build 53,000 social and affordable homes

In a joint response to the draft Infrastructure Investment Plan, CIH Scotland, Shelter Scotland and the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations have called for the Scottish Government to increase affordable housing supply levels from the current target of 50,000 homes to 53,000 homes in the next Parliamentary term to address existing and newly arising housing need.

Published 20 November 2020