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Plans to deliver a new deal for tenants, with stronger rights, greater protections against eviction and access to greener, higher-quality, more affordable housing, have been launched. The proposals, which are open to public consultation from today, aim to deliver a fairer rented sector that meets th

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A total of 4,834 all-sector new build homes were completed in Scotland in the year to end December 2020, a decrease of 35% (7,839 homes) on the previous year, according to the latest Quarterly Housing Statistics published by Scotland's chief statistician. Decreases were seen across private-led compl

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Shelter Scotland has launched blueprints for each of Scotland’s four largest cities that outline the actions that need to be taken in order to end the country's housing emergency. The housing and homelessness charity worked alongside individuals with lived experience, housing rights activists,

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One in 10 adults in Scotland – equivalent to 444,000 people – say their current home harms their health, according to a YouGov poll commissioned by housing and homelessness charity Shelter Scotland. According to the poll, 5% of people in Scotland believe their current home harmed their/

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Dear Sir, News that 300,000 people in Scotland are unable to their pay rent or mortgage is extremely unsettling. Losing your home is always an emergency and we must prepare for the tsunami of evictions which are inevitable as the additional protections for tenants, introduced in response to the pand

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Evicting tenants from social homes cost the public purse at least £28 million in a single year, according to new research published by Shelter Scotland. The housing campaign group commissioned academics from the University of Liverpool to establish the true cost of eviction

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The Scottish SPCA has launched its Pets and Tenants Together campaign, calling for those in council or social housing to be able to keep their pet, alongside Edinburgh Eastern MSP, Ash Denham. The SPCA said it is delighted to have the support of Ash Denham MSP for the Edinburgh Eastern constituency

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Energy efficiency specialist Green Home Systems has teamed up with national housing and homeless charity Shelter Scotland in a partnership that aligns both organisations in their joint commitment to help struggling families and individuals live in a safe, secure, and affordable home. Green Home

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Homelessness services provided by local authorities may be unable to cope with a future spike in homelessness when pandemic restrictions are lifted, housing charity Shelter Scotland has warned. New figures published yesterday show that councils have seen a 10% increase in th

76-90 of 687 Articles