#SHN20years: Springfield Partnerships

Tom Leggeat, managing director of Springfield Partnerships, part of the Springfield Group, is next up to offer his congratulations to Scottish Housing News on our 20th anniversary year.

#SHN20years: Springfield Partnerships

Tom Leggeat

“Scottish Housing News is an invaluable source of news for the sector, particularly in the affordable housing area. 

“At Springfield, we regularly keep up with the bulletins as a way of gauging policy direction from the government, planning and council bodies, taking guidance from industry trends to steer our own strategies.

“And as the housing in Scotland is such a small and friendly industry, Scottish Housing News is a handy resource to keep me up to date with movements, opinions and opportunities amongst peers.”

Keep an eye on our social media channels TwitterLinkedIn and Facebook over the coming days where we will be sharing endorsements and messages of congratulations for our anniversary. Please use #SHN20years if you wish to join in!

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