SNP MP to host summit to examine Universal Credit impact

Drew Hendry
Drew Hendry

An SNP MP will today host a meeting for stakeholders to share their experience of the roll-out and impact of Universal Credit (UC).

Drew Hendry, whose constituency has been one of the pilot roll-out areas for UC, said a series of planned meetings and events in the next two days - with a day of action in his constituency tomorrow - will highlight the “utter disgrace” of the new system.

Universal Credit is set to be rolled out across Scotland by September 2018 and it has been revealed that nine of Scotland’s local authorities will spend almost £9 million mitigating the impact of the roll-out.

Mr Hendry said: “The summit and day of action are to focus on the roll-out of Universal Credit which has been an unfolding nightmare for so many.

“The lack of action from the UK Government, despite many calls and interventions from myself, the council, charities, the Citizen’s advice and many others, has been nothing short of an utter disgrace.

“Universal Credit is fast becoming Theresa May’s poll tax. For people who have been affected it often leads to real financial hardship and personal suffering.

“Yet, the acute problems are still dismissed by the Tories – who brush these problems aside and say it is ‘all going to be fine’ - they have ignored all warnings and offers to help address the issues.

“The event organised for Saturday is about bringing people together to help find ways through this awful mess; to learn from the experiences here from people using Universal Credit, and to help those who are having to pick up the pieces for people caught in the system.

“With Christmas approaching, the hardship caused takes on a sharper focus. Either Theresa May takes the time to fix the problems now, or she will forever be remembered as the person who stubbornly let hundreds of thousands of people be pushed into debt and crisis, when it could all have been avoided.”

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