Social landlords maintain strong commitment to accurate performance reporting

Scotland’s social landlords continue to show a strong commitment to accurate performance reporting, according to a new report published by the Scottish Housing Regulator.

The Regulator’s Performance Matters data accuracy report summarises the findings of its work to assess the accuracy of the performance information provided by social landlords in their Annual Return on the Scottish Social Housing Charter (ARC).

It highlights some of the positive ways landlords are measuring and reporting on their Charter performance.

According to the report, most landlords demonstrate a high level of commitment to delivering the requirements of the Charter and embedding the Charter within their performance management framework. They also use the Charter to routinely monitor performance and report this information to tenants and other service users.

The report also highlighted the use of good audit trails on Charter data and reporting systems which utilise a live IT system to give confidence in the accuracy of the reported figures as well as the provision of clear evidence of the source of the performance information provided in the ARC

Most landlords were also found to:

  • Ensure that reports and spreadsheets are clearly dated and confirmed that this information had been used to provide the performance information.
  • Provide clear evidence, audit trails and assurance that the reported data could be substantiated.
  • Have good audit trails on court actions initiated and evictions carried out.
  • Hold clear records on Gypsy/Travellers’ satisfaction with the management of the sites.
  • Have accurate reports confirming data on tenancy sustainment, source of lets and abandoned properties.
  • The majority of RSLs were also found to have had:

    • Good quality minutes confirming the transparency of the process to elect governing body members.
    • Clear audit trails for governing body member elections.
    • Sequential and dated share certificate receipts which showed a clear audit trail of shares issued to new members.
    • Good quality staffing records demonstrating staff turnover and sickness rates.
    • On a negative note, two of the ten RSLs visited by the Regulator did not have sequentially numbered share receipts and did not record the date the certificate was issued. One RSL did not have an accurate record of the members attending the AGM, while four RSLs have inaccurate governing body details on the Regulator’s Landlord Portal.

      Christine Macleod, director of governance & performance, said: “Landlords continue to show a commitment to accurate performance recording and reporting. Our visits and checks on landlords’ submitted data help landlords and tenants work together by building confidence in the performance information provided to us. In giving examples of positive practice we also aim to highlight some of the good work undertaken by landlords to ensure their information is accurate.”

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