Spire View Housing Association committee member named Community Champion

McDonalds-Community-Champion-900x520The latest housing association stalwart to be named a Community Champion by Partick Thistle Football Club is a gentleman who first became involved in his local community more than 25 years ago.

Alan Brown joined the board at Garngad Housing Association in Royston, signalling his first involvement in his local community. Alan recognised the poor housing conditions and the wider impact these had on people living in the area. He felt strongly that something needed to be done to improve living conditions and regenerate the local environment for his community and everyone living there. Therefore, when the opportunity arose, Alan was one of the first in line to make a difference.

It’s fair to say that Alan has been a major player in the regeneration of Royston, working tirelessly, campaigning for the improvement of land, houses and facilities. Alan has given up countless hours of his time, on a voluntary basis, to make positive things happen. This has resulted in the complete transformation of the local community which is evident to local people and beyond. You only need to drive through Royston to see what has been achieved!

In the early years, the focus for Garngad and other housing associations was on housing improvement. The end result of this work has been quite incredible. Local residents now have fabulous new and improved homes for which there is very high demand. Alan and his fellow board members did not stop there and saw an opportunity to merge with James Nisbet Housing Co-op back in 2002. This resulted in the creation of an even stronger organisation in Spire View Housing Association.

Alan is highly respected in the local community and by his fellow board members. Both before and after the creation of Spire View, Alan held office bearer posts and is currently the Association’s Treasurer. Alan was also one of the most active and supportive local people in moving forward additional community development projects. This has included the creation of a community garden as well as the ‘Star’ sculpture which is visible from the M8 motorway.

Most recently, Alan has made a huge contribution to the development of a state of the art community facility which will be located at the Rainbow Hall on Roystonhill. Work on the new centre will start in the next few months and will have a massive positive impact on the local community.

The new centre will be a hub of activity for many groups and organisations, most notably Royston Youth Action. Alan has again shown unwavering commitment to supporting this local organisation which makes a phenomenal contribution locally to both young and old residents.

Alan is a fabulous team player and fully embraces partnership working. He is an influential member of the Royston Strategy Group which looks beyond the small community where he lives. Through this group, Alan works closely with the local development trust, councillors, MSPs and his local MP. Again, the focus is on getting what’s best for others.

Alan’s contribution to the association and the community was recognised recently when he received the EVH long service award, in recognition of more than 25 years service.

Since retiring, Alan’s commitment has continued to grow and he is undoubtedly a true champion, always willing and ready to fight the corner of his local community. He is a fabulous ambassador and supporter of positive change, regeneration and improving the lives of others.

This article is provided courtesy of ptfc.co.uk.

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