Stirling Council agrees new key priorities for coming years

Stirling Council agrees new key priorities for coming years

Stirling Council has agreed the key priorities to be delivered within the five years of its term (2022-2027).

The 10 strategic priorities set out the overarching principles which will guide the council’s future decision-making over the coming years.

Priorities include further measures to tackle climate change and achieve net zero; ensuring young people have access to the best quality education; investment in wellbeing, including sport, leisure, culture and events; developing a competitive and sustainable economy; embedding digital and physical connectivity; ensuring neighbourhoods are attractive, safe and happy for everyone and empowering citizens in community decision-making.

Stirling Council leader, Cllr Chris Kane, said: “These priorities are important as they provide a statement of intent, a sense of direction and a framework to guide the Council’s work over the coming years.

“A lot of hard work lies ahead, especially during a period of sustained financial pressure on local authorities, but by working together and supporting our dedicated and innovative staff, I’m confident we can achieve lasting success for all the people of Stirling and our many diverse communities.

“Working in partnership with community groups and organisations in a collaborative approach is at the heart of this ambitious blueprint – communities must have the opportunity to have their say and inform decision making.

“These priorities have been approved against a challenging backdrop with an ongoing cost of living crisis on the back of a damaging pandemic. They will help us provide the foundation to improve people’s lives, reduce inequalities and deliver prosperous, sustainable and thriving communities.”

The 10 strategic priorities are:

  • Improving the quality of life by providing responsive services that ensure neighbourhoods are attractive, safe and happy for everyone.
  • Providing quality services people need and maintaining effective relationships with staff and external organisations.
  • Building community capacity and empowering citizens through participation and partnerships.
  • Developing a competitive and thriving sustainable local economy across Stirling.
  • Improving health and wellbeing outcomes ensuring equal access to opportunities that help our citizens and communities thrive.
  • Embedding digital and physical connectivity and accelerating infrastructure development.
  • Ensuring young people have access to the best quality education enabling the best start in life.
  • Tackling the climate and nature emergency and pursuing net zero ambition through action.
  • Investing in wellbeing, including sport, leisure, food and nutrition, culture and events.
  • Continuing investment in housing, learning and education to address health and wellbeing inequalities.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for each priority will be used to report on performance to relevant committees. A three-year business plan will also be drafted.

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