Stirling Council completes new homes in Riverside

Eight new properties for Stirling Council tenants have been completed on the site of the former Riverside Swimming Pool.

The James Street development, which was supported by £368,000 of Scottish Government grant funding, comprises four one-bedroom and four two-bedroom cottage flats that were designed and built by the council’s in-house team.

Built to the latest building standards with an ‘A’ rating for energy efficiency, the completed flats benefit from solar photovoltaic panels and battery storage. The development also features an off-site manufactured timber frame system which was delivered to site complete with pre-installed insulation.

This type of construction not only affords control over quality and cost but also allows more efficient use of material within the factory which helps reduce the amount of waste generated on site.

Housing portfolio holder, Councillor Evelyn Tweed, said, “It is one of this Administration’s key priorities to build more social rented housing. This development demonstrates Stirling Council’s continuing commitment to meeting key priorities in our Local Housing Strategy, which include increasing the supply of affordable housing, tackling fuel poverty and promoting sustainable communities.

“In addition to providing generous space standards and high quality kitchens and bathrooms, these new homes incorporate the latest renewable technology, ensuring energy efficient homes which will be cheaper to run, benefitting both the environment and household budgets.”

In 2018, the council will build four new homes on the site of the former Fire Station in Callander and will convert the former Local Office in Fallin into four new apartments. The Council will also purchase 20 new homes in Raploch. The council’s recent development at Norrieston Glebe, Thornhill, was shortlisted as a finalist in the Scottish Home Awards 2017Small Affordable Housing Development of the Year’ category.

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