Success for Cunninghame HA at CIH awards

Success for Cunninghame HA at CIH awards


At the prestigious Chartered Institute of Housing Scotland 2015 Excellence Awards in Edinburgh on Friday 13th November 2015 Cunninghame Housing Association achieved success in the Excellence in Regeneration category for its Vineburgh regeneration and for its Excellence in Environment Sustainability.

The Vineburgh Regeneration Initiative was undertaken by Cunninghame Housing Association in partnership with North Ayrshire Council and the local Vineburgh community.

The initiative was delivered over four phases at a cost of £32 million with the initial works commencing in 2009 and completion of the final phase in March 2015.

A total of 287 new homes have been delivered over this time, transforming the previously unpopular area into a desirable place to live.

Transformation of the estate was possible thanks to the ongoing support of CHA’s strategic partners and funders, North Ayrshire Council and the Scottish Government.

The community played a key role from the start through design workshops and consultation events to the formation of a new tenants and residents group which is now active in the area and has now established a firm identity within the community.

CHA’s partnership with the main contractor, Ashleigh Scotland Ltd, across all four phases, allowed the creation training and employment opportunities. A total of 10 full-time trade apprentices commenced at Phase 1 and were able to complete their apprenticeships over the 4 phases.

The Vineburgh Regeneration project was also the first UK housing regeneration project where a Social Return on Investment was undertaken to establish the social value of the project for local tenants and residents. The report established a social return of £4.63 for every £1 invested.

Over the total life time of the development (30 years), the £23.48m investment for Phases 1, 2 & 3 with returning tenants will create a total social value of £90.25m (present value).

CHA’s Lemon Aid Fuel Poverty Service delivered by its social enterprise subsidiary company, Citrus Energy Ltd., helps those in most need to deal with energy issues, metering issues, grant sourcing (ECO, WHD etc), fuel debt reduction, self disconnections, meter changes - prepay to credit, advocacy on billing issues and referrals to ethical partners – cross referring service. In terms of benefits to users, the service has sourced £267,498 in energy funding for clients and fuel arrears reduction of £171,801 for clients.


Commenting of the double success CHA’s Chief Executive, Frank Sweeney said: “This is a fantastic result for our Vineburgh and Lemon Aid initiatives. I am particularly pleased for the Vineburgh community who have worked tremendously hard to help achieve this award.

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