Summary guide for tenants on tenant consultation where consent is required

Scottish Housing RegulatorThe Scottish Housing Regulator has published a guide for tenants of a Registered Social Landlord (RSL) which is considering making changes which will result in a change of landlord, or a change of control of the landlord.

The short booklet summarises regulatory guidance for landlords, which was issued by the Regulator last year, explaining the consultation consent process that should take place if an RSL is planning one of the following:

  • Disposal – The RSL plans to dispose of land which will result in a change of landlord for tenants who have a Scottish secure tenancy; for example selling homes to another RSL or another person.
  • Restructure – The RSL plans to restructure to merge with another RSL, which will mean a change of landlord for tenants with a Scottish secure tenancy.
  • Join a group structure – The RSL plans to make changes to how it is set up so that it becomes a subsidiary of another housing organisation. This is not a change of landlord or a change to tenancy rights but does reduce the RSL’s independence.
  • Co-produced with the Tenant Information Service (TIS), the guidance comes in direct response to tenant feedback.

    It highlights key stages if the tenants consultation process through to tenant ballots and the potential need for written agreements.

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