Support for tenants who have hearing loss is recognised by national hearing charity

Staff and tenants at Lady Flora’s sheltered housing with Action on Hearing loss charity and Provost Jim Todd

The work of staff at Lady Flora’s sheltered housing in Newmilns who support tenants with hearing loss has been recognised by charity Action on Hearing Loss Scotland.

Staff took part in a six month pilot programme which was run by the charity teaching staff about dead awareness. The training was used to showcase a range of equipment designed to assist those with hearing difficulties, such as amplified phones, personal listeners as well as fire and doorbell alarms – that can improve everyday lives.

East Ayrshire Provost, Councillor Jim Todd, visited Lady Flora’s to present a certificate on behalf of Action on Hearing Loss Scotland and to find out how deaf or hard of hearing tenants are supported by the sheltered housing staff and the charity Hear to Help volunteers.

Hear to Help volunteers support tenants who use NHS hearing aids by replacing hearing aid batteries and tubing so that they can follow conversations with friends, family and carers more clearly.

Delia Henry, Director of Action on Hearing Loss Scotland, said: “We are delighted that our Hear to Help run pilot scheme has proved to be a great success at Lady Flora’s as their staff and our volunteers have worked very effectively to ensure that tenants are comprehensively supported to overcome communication barriers and live the life they want.

“With more than 70% of people over 70 having age-related hearing loss, we look forward to further opportunities to work with sheltered, nursing and care homes across Ayrshire to help improve support for deaf or hard of hearing residents.”

East Ayrshire Provost, Councillor Jim Todd said: “I congratulate the staff at Lady Flora’s and the Hear to Help volunteers for their tremendous dedication in caring for and supporting tenants who have hearing loss to ensure that they don’t experience social isolation and can enjoy things we often take for granted like being able to hear our friends and family, or our favourite television programmes.”

Jeanette Henderson, Sheltered Housing Co-ordinator, manages the Sheltered Development at Lady Flora’s, Newmilns added : “Working alongside Action on Hearing Loss Scotland has enhanced our staff’s knowledge about day-to-day issues experienced by tenants with hearing loss and we have put in place some simple processes that can make a huge difference.

“By recording in tenants’ personal plans that they use hearing aids, our staff can easily provide advice on the safe storage of hearing aids and battery replacement so that people hear more clearly in their everyday life.”

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