Temporary accommodation standards survey responses published

The Scottish Government should create standards for temporary accommodation based on advisory standards published by CIH Scotland and Shelter Scotland, a national survey has found.

Temporary accommodation standards survey responses published

A national consultation on improving temporary accommodation standards was undertaken between 22 May and 14 August 2019.

The consultation contained 42 questions that covered two key issues:

  • the proposal that the use of unsuitable temporary accommodation should be limited to a maximum of seven days for all homeless households,
  • the creation of a set of Scottish Government advisory standards and how these could be introduced as a legally enforceable temporary accommodation standards framework.

Publishing its analysis of responses, the Scottish Government said the majority of responses agreed with the premise of the creation of an acceptable standard of temporary accommodation.

Most respondents also supported an extension of the seven-day limit for use of unsuitable temporary accommodation to all homeless people.

Official Scottish Government advisory standards based on those created by CIH and Shelter were incorporated into the homelessness Code of Guidance in November 2019.

Welcoming the publication of responses, housing minister Kevin Stewart said: “While temporary accommodation can offer an important emergency safety net for anyone who finds themselves homeless with nowhere else to go, it should be a purely temporary measure.

“These consultation responses support Scottish Government proposals to prevent anyone from living in unsuitable temporary accommodation for longer than seven days. From May 2021, this new legislation, a UK first, will ensure people are moved into a more appropriate, permanent home as soon as possible.

“The consultation also demonstrated strong support for a set of legally enforceable standards, which people with experience of homelessness told us would help improve safety and standards by raising problems or issues temporary accommodation.

“This year we will build on the advisory standards we have already introduced and use these consultation responses as we work with partners to develop a legally enforceable standards framework.

“We will continue to support local authorities to deliver our progressive legislation as part of our £50 million plan to eradicate homelessness in Scotland.”

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