Tenants shape services in Clydebank

Focus group 1Clydebank Housing Association (CHA) has concluded the review of its estate management policy and services with the help of local tenants.

Five of CHA’s tenants from different areas of the town gave up their time to participate in meetings to review the estate management service and influence the new policy. Over the three meetings many improvements to the services and the policy were suggested and incorporated into the new policy.

CHA said that managing its estates well is important as the association recognises that residents have the right to live in a clean, safe and tidy environment and that the health and wellbeing of residents can be positively influenced by this.

Joe Farrell, housing manager at CHA, said: “We are so grateful to tenants for giving up their time to help us review our service and policy. Our management committee has now approved the new policy. It is much more detailed and robust as a result of this tenant involvement.”

Elma Stewart and Fergus Russell (pictured bottom, left and middle of the bottom picture) were two of CHA’s tenants who participated in all of the meetings.

Elma said: “I found it very informative, especially when we were taken on a tour of all of the Association’s areas. It was very interesting and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.”

Fergus, who also enjoyed being part of the estate management focus group, added: “Not only did being a part this group allow me to find out more about how things operate, but it also allowed me to make a genuine difference and influence the policy. I would recommend that anyone who gets this opportunity takes it.”


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