Three housing associations lend support to Monkton housing proposal

Barratt Homes West Scotland has cited support for its proposed residential development at Monkton from a local MSP, the Ayrshire Chamber of Commerce and three leading housing associations as the planning application is prepared to go before South Ayrshire Council’s full council meeting next week.

Three housing associations lend support to Monkton housing proposal

On November 10, councillors will be asked to vote on the planning application for up to 300 homes including a site for a park and ride that developers claim will deliver £75 million of new capital and inward investment to the local area and that the proposed development will also support the aims of the Ayrshire Growth Deal.

Recognising the need for more housing in South Ayrshire the proposed development site at Monkton was identified by South Ayrshire Council for residential development in its Main Issues Report and is also identified in the Ayrshire Growth Deal Prestwick Masterplan as a residential expansion area which supports proposed development projects contained within the Ayrshire Growth Deal Masterplan.

If approved, the proposed development would significantly contribute to the local housing supply in South Ayrshire which will also see additional affordable homes being built on-site. Ayrshire Housing Association, West of Scotland Housing Association and Irvine Housing Association have all expressed interest in overseeing the affordable housing element of the proposed development at Monkton.

Jim Whiston, director of Ayrshire Housing, said: “The proposed development site at Monkton is one of strategic importance that will not only support the aims and aspirations of the Ayrshire Growth Deal by building the houses needed to support the jobs that will be created as a result of the Ayrshire Growth Deal, but it will also deliver much needed affordable housing.

“Currently, as things stand there is a waiting list of 730 applicants expressing a demand for affordable housing in the Monkton area and it’s worth remembering that affordable housing remains a key goal of the Scottish Government who have a target build of 50,000 affordable homes by 2021.”

Mr Whitson added: “I cannot stress enough the importance of ensuring an effective pipeline of affordable housing and if approved this development will deliver approximately 75 affordable homes for local people in Monkton and South Ayrshire.

“Like other local authorities across Scotland, we know that the provision of affordable housing is a high priority for South Ayrshire Council. And at a time when economic recovery is a national priority so should be the provision of affordable housing across Scotland, as we know good quality affordable housing can help reduce poverty, improve people’s health, and contribute towards economic growth.

“As a registered social landlord, we are well aware that Barratt Homes, Britain’s biggest housebuilder by volume, of their strong commitment to design principles and ensuring that the affordable housing element of a development is phased in on site, and as such we strongly urge all South Ayrshire Councillors to approve this application.”

The developers claim that if approved, the proposed development will provide an impetus to the post-pandemic economic recovery by supporting the AGD Prestwick Masterplan and the Ayrshire Growth Deal which will enable the delivery of the necessary economic infrastructure to support the local, regional and national aerospace sectors and other key economic drivers that will help realise the aims of the Ayrshire Growth Deal.

The proposed development by Barratt Homes West Scotland has secured support from the Ayrshire Chamber of Commerce which has also submitted a letter.

Val Russell, CEO, Ayrshire Chamber of Commerce, said: “Having met with Barratt Homes West Scotland I’m reassured that what they are proposing to do in Monkton will deliver a significant positive impact on the local and wider Ayrshire economy.

“It is our understanding that if approved, the proposed development will deliver much needed housing including on-site affordable housing that will generate additional council tax revenue for South Ayrshire Council to the tune of £925,000 per year, which is money that can be spent on local services and it is for those reasons we as the Ayrshire Chamber of Commerce support this development and would like to see South Ayrshire Council give due regard to the economic benefits that this development it will deliver.”

Colin Smyth, Labour MSP for South Scotland, added: “There is a real need for new house building in South Ayrshire, but not enough major sites are coming forward. This proposed development supports the Ayrshire Growth Deal, which is recognised by South Ayrshire Council in the Main Issues Report and it is identified in the Prestwick Ayrshire Growth deal Masterplan as a residential expansion area.

“Although it is a matter for local councillors, I hope they will consider approving a development that will have a positive impact on the South Ayrshire economy.”

The application has no technical objections, but locals have highlighted concerns over the impact the proposed development will have on flooding, drainage, and surface water within the area.

Heather Philp, strategic land and planning manager at Barratt Homes West Scotland, said: ”We understand that Prestwick has a long history of flooding issues and that the perception is that additional development will only exacerbate the problem, but in accordance with planning protocol and as responsible developer we undertook a robust flood risk assessment which was assessed by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) who are a statutory consultee and have no objections to the proposed development at Monkton.”

David Scott, managing director, Barratt Homes West Scotland, said: “I am confident that what we are proposing to do in Monkton will positively contribute to the local economy. At the heart of our proposals is creating a successful and sustainable development that adheres to strong design principles which will result in a high-quality development that will respect the neighbouring-built environment which will benefit the community, council and local residents whilst supporting the aims of the Ayrshire Growth Deal.”

Mr Scott added: “Housebuilding and residential development is more than bricks and mortar and often generates a significant social value for the local area that leaves a lasting legacy built via the creation of a new community that enables local families to prosper, communities to thrive and economies to grow and that is our key objective of what we want to do in Monkton.”

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